This bundle contains 400 capsules, compatible  ONLY with Keurig Rivo® machine

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Each box contains 50 pods, so you can choose up to 8 different flavors per bundle!

The ARABICA capsules are made with 100% Arabica beans grown in Brazil and Colombia, and its medium/full body enhance a perfect balance between sweet, bitter and acid notes

The CREMOSO blend is made of 60% Robusta beans and 40% Arabica beans: a stronger blend with a creamy, rich, full body!

Our strongest espresso, a blend of 100% Washed Robusta beans from Africa, roasted the Neapolitan way, very dark. 

A rich, delicate blend that combines the reduced caffeine content with the aroma of a true espresso! 

Notes and directions
Directions To prepare your cup proceed normally (check the manual that came with your machine).
Legal Note Pods are compatible with Keurig Rivo® machine
Size Capsules come in boxes each with 50 capsules packaged in modified atmosphere
Best before May 2018 or better
Ingredients Ground and roasted coffee blends, produced and packed in single-dose capsule. The product naturally contains caffeine.
Indications Store in dry place at room temperature.

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400 capsules Rivo® compatible

  • Brand: Italian coffee
  • 1 box contains: 400 Capsules - Rivo Mix
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $129.99

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